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Athletic Union grants aim to support Athletic Union Clubs, and are to be allocated to clubs that demonstrate how the funding will enable their club to develop, either in the short or preferably the longer-term.

Budget and Funding timeline

There will be two funding periods each year, the first taking place in May, to support clubs ready for the start of the next academic year and the second at a midpoint stage during the year. A maximum of £15,000 will be allocated in the first round and maximum of £10,000 in the second.

Principles of funding

• Funding will only be allocated to clubs that demonstrates the grant will enable their club to develop, either in the short or preferably over the long-term.

• Funding will only be allocated to clubs that engage with the Athletic Union and its support structures. This includes but is not limited too: General Meetings, Committee training, Health & Safety procedures, prompt response to correspondence etc.

• Funding will only be allocated to clubs with an up to date club development plan.

• Clubs can apply as singular entities or as part of a joint-funding bid with other clubs.

• Clubs that show good standards, values and social behaviour when representing the Athletic Union and Loughborough will be given preferential treatment.

• Grant funding will be tracked and subsequent performance against funding objectives measured and reviewed.

Funding Process

Clubs will be asked to submit an online application form for funding, including details of the grant amount requested, how the grant is to be spent and a short overview on how this will benefit the club.

If successful, clubs will be invited to present to a panel, who will allocate the funding available based on the presentation and initial application.

Grant Contract

Following presentations, both successful and unsuccessful clubs will be contacted via email by the Sport Executive Officer. Clubs receiving an Athletic Union grant will be presented a contract with a number of funding conditions. Clubs wishing to accept the AU grant funding opportunity will require both treasurer and chair to sign and return to the Student Sport Office in the Union within 7 days of the contract offer. If clubs have questions over the contract they can come to the office to discuss these in those 7 days and if necessary, adaptions can be made.

Ongoing funding support

In the case of opportunities arising outside of funding periods, a small grant pot is available for allocation to clubs needing support for immediate developmental opportunities. This will be discussed at the Athletic Union’s monthly finance meeting for recommendation to the Athletic Union Executive. Only immediate opportunities with a deadline before the next funding round will be considered in this manner. Should this pot have money left over, the remainder will be pushed into the next funding period.