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The club must ensure that at every training session/match (both home or away) and at any other club related activity it appoints one of its members involved in the activity on the day who will be responsible for:

(a) Making sure that those present (including any opposition) are aware of emergency procedures for that activity.

(b) Being responsible for implementing those procedures (see below) for anyone present at that session should an accident/injury arise.

(c) When at an ‘away’ event, and before the start, to familiarize himself/herself with the emergency procedures at the venue.

(d) Should an accident/dangerous occurrence (near miss) happen, then the appointed person must ensure that an accident report form [1]is completed as soon as possible.

(e) When on campus, if the accident is serious and requires A & E hospital treatment, then the Activities Helpdesk should be immediately notified (01509 635057). If no-one picks up the phone, then Loughborough University Security must be informed (0800 526966)

(f) Also, if on university campus, the accident must be reported to the duty member of staff for that facility.

Please read the following information carefully, and if you are unclear about these procedures, then please call into the Athletic Union.

PARAMEDIC COVER Wednesdays and Saturdays – October until March. Provided by Athletic Union - Paramedic situated outside the Rubbercrumb pitch or on the corner of Margaret Keay Way and East Link Road– vehicle well marked with logo on sides and blue light on roof; is on duty from start of first AU fixture and until end of last AU fixture.

WHEN TO CALL PARAMEDIC • Any head or neck injuries or loss of consciousness - CALL IMMEDIATELY - ON NO ACCOUNT MOVE INJURED PERSON from pitch/area until Paramedic arrives • Any difficulty in breathing or any form of chest pain • Any wound other than a graze

HOW TO CONTACT PARAMEDIC The appointed person to have access to a mobile telephone/is aware of nearest campus telephone and follows procedure as below:

Phone SECURITY 0800 526966 Ask for Paramedic to be dispatched - state which team/club; where injured person is; brief description of injury.


(a) Dial (9) 999 for the EMERGENCY SERVICES – please note that the red emergency phones can be used to dial the emergency (9) 999 number.

(b) Inform Security that an ambulance is on its way and give them your location/building. Please dial 888 If using any internal university phone (including red phone) or 0800 526966 if using any other phone.

(c) Inform the Facilities Duty Manager of location/building and nature of incident, who will then complete the University accident report sheet.

(d) The club is required to complete the LSU Accident Report Form (as detailed above)

(e) For all other first aid occurrences please contact the Duty Staff in charge of that Facility.


Security Gatehouse (24 hours) 0800 526966

Facilities Duty Manager 07810501791