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Club Account

Your club account is made up of money from the membership fees paid by your members. The account renews annually and is set based on the club budget.This is used for:

• Opposition Meals at Games

• Transport

• Referees

• Entry Fees and Affiliations

• Insurance

• Equipment

• Coaching

• Accommodation

• Sundries (Printing/Photocopying)

Club Account Money Cannot Be Used for:

• Social events of any kind (including tours).

• The payment of any of the above mentioned if you do not have any valid receipts.

• Medals or prizes of any kind.

• Postage/Telephones - these are supplied by the office.

• BUCS - your club account is not used for BUCS activity. The AU has a separate fund from which to reimburse individuals and clubs for BUCS.

Private account

The way you spend your club’s funds from this account is entirely up to your club committee, all spends must be approved by the club treasurer. The Sport Executive Officer and/or the Finance Officer are only likely to step in if there is concern that funds are being abused. If you have any queries or problems, please arrange to see the Sport Executive or Athletic Union Finance Officer.

Committee Members can check the balance on either account via the eXpense 365 app. Please not that transactions will not appear instantly and may take a few weeks to display on the app. If you have any questions relating to your account please contact the AU Finance Administrator, Claire Spencer.