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Each year institutions have to re-enter any teams that they wish to compete in BUCS leagues. After consulting with all clubs that competed in BUCS weekly leagues in a given academic year, Nat Walker-Laver will submit the team entries to BUCS and confirm with clubs which teams have been entered. Generally, the same amount of teams will be entered each year, unless clubs have valid justification to increase their number of teams, which will be assessed by the AU and Facilities Management.

If a club wishes to enter any new teams, they must complete the BUCS Additional League team application document [1] and e-mail it to the AU's BUCS Administrator by the deadline given.

Application for additional team(s) to be entered

For any clubs wishing to enter a new team into a weekly league they must consider the impact of facilities, finances and the reason why they need an additional team and justify this accordingly within their application form.

Impact of additional team(s) on facilities

Loughborough University’s Facilities Management must have capacity to be able to provide facilities for all teams on the appropriate day of the week for their fixtures. Clubs wishing to enter new teams should have an initial conversation with the AU regarding their facility requirements and whether the activity can be accommodated into current facilities. Teams will not be entered into competitions where facilities cannot be provided onsite.

Financial Impact of additional team(s)

BUCS is funded by Loughborough University and managed by the Athletic Union. As such there is a fixed amount of money to invest in BUCS activity. Therefore, the Athletic Union must have the financial capacity to provide BUCS funding for each team. Clubs wishing to enter new teams should have an initial conversation with the AU BUCS Administrator about the costs of entering a team into BUCS and then detail this within their application. Teams will not be entered into competitions where funding cannot be provided sustainably year on year.

Justification for additional team(s)

When clubs consider entering a new team(s) into a weekly league, they must justify within their application why they need a new team. An example could be that the club is currently over subscribed with members but they don’t have a sufficient amount of competitive opportunities to give their members in exchange for their membership fees. After clubs submit their application the AU will consider the impact on facilities, financial impact on the AU and the following criteria based on performance; a) The number of existing BUCS teams the club already has and their performance within BUCS b) The potential that the new teams have to score BUCS points within their tier of entry c) The potential that the new team has to score BUCS points in the future Deadline and Decisions

All BUCS team entry decisions are made at the discretion of the AU and communicated via the AU Administrators. Clubs wishing to submit new team entries will be expected to submit their application to nataliewalkerlaver@lsu.co.uk no later than the last day of Term 2.