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A proposed club budget is set by the off-coming and oncoming Club Chairs & Treasurers during the handover period each year. This budget will then be reviewed and finalised by the AU Finance Committee. This budget outlines all spends for the next academic year, making up your club account, and dictates the club membership fees your members will pay. The following things may be included in your budget:

• Meals – an internal transfer from your ledger to the catering outlet will automatically be made. If you do not notify the AU of any cancelled fixtures and your meal tickets are issued, you will still be charged for these.

• Transport – please see separate section for full details. Please note that petrol costs will be reimbursed at 26p per mile for minibuses and 20p per mile for cars.

• Referees - these expenses are paid to the referees at the time of the match. Please collect the forms and money from the AU prior to the match and ensure that the form is signed by the match official and returned to the AU after the match.

• Entry Fees and Affiliations - any entry fees to competitions or affiliations to national governing bodies allocated for in the grant can be paid from your club’s Union account, invoices are required.

• Insurance - all AU members are covered by the Endsleigh Essential Personal Accident Scheme and also the Union’s Public Liability insurance. Certain clubs pay insurance through Governing Bodies and some acquire additional cover for large items/expensive items of equipment.

• Equipment - clubs may only purchase equipment which has been allocated for in their budget and in all cases you must use the official order form, which must be countersigned by the Sport EO, Finance Administrator or Sports Administrator. An Inventory of all clubs’ equipment is held in the office and is regularly updated. This is to ensure the items are insured and also are in good condition.

• Coaching - all club coaches are required to sign an AU contract, please see the section on coaching for more information.

• Accommodation - the AU will only pay for accommodation at a maximum cost of £15pppn. All accommodation should be agreed beforehand with the Sport EO and/or Sports Administrator. None is allowed if the team/individual can leave Loughborough at 0730 and reach the venue one hour before their event.

• Sundries (Printing/Photocopying)- £20 is automatically allocated in each club's budget for this

BUCS costs are not included in this budget.

Clubs will not be able to base their budget on an increased number of members than they had in the previous year, unless approved by the Finance Committee which will only happen in cases where there is clear evidence that they will have more members, for example when an additional team is added.

If your club fails to hit its membership target, then the budget will be proportionally reduced. However it is recommended you arrange a meeting with the AU Finance Administrator, Claire, to discuss this.