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Your Club’s Constitution contains the set of governing rules and principle that the Club must follow. It provides members and the club committee with an operational framework to achieve objectives on the Club Development Plan. The Constitution basically describes how the club works and how it makes decisions. A copy of your club constitution can be found on the essential documents page of the AU website.[1]

Amendments can be made to your club constitution at a Club General Meeting and can be passed by two thirds of those present or can be passed by 51% of your club’s membership. Once you have passed the amendments they must be sent to the Sport EO for approval, after this a new updated version of your constitution will be published on the website.

‘As a Club Chair I found our Constitution really helped me organise my committee, each of their roles and responsibilities were in there. I also passed an amendment which implemented a disciplinary procedure for any committee member who wasn’t fulfilling their duties.’ Women’s Rugby Club Chair 2013-2015