Club Development Plans

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It is now an AU requirement that all clubs complete a club development plan. First and foremost though, a development plan lays down your clubs vision for the future; its aims, and the way in which the club will achieve them over a specific period of time.

Importantly, it also clearly demonstrates the clubs commitment to developing quality opportunities for its members.

The plan should be a working document that must be easy to read and easily adapted as the club develops (see template). It should be supported by clear actions, which ensures that the plan is put into practice and the aims/objectives are met.

You can find a copy of the Club Development Plan template on the ‘Essential Documents’ page of the AU website. You will also find ‘Club Development Planning – Guidelines & Questions’ as well as some ‘Thinking Material’ to help you with the whole process.

It is important that you involve your whole committee and coaches with the completion of this document. Without the buy in of your group, your club will not be able to make the progress it needs to meet its objectives.