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All coaching staff (volunteer or paid) must be registered with the Athletic Union, before they lead any training sessions. This is due to health and safety and insurance purposes, and without coaching staff signing a coach agreement and/or contract, they legally should not coach.

It is the responsibility of the club chair to initially register their coaches by submitting a coach contract form [1], as soon as they confirmed.

Following receiving notification of the coach's appointment, the AU will either accept or reject the submission from the Chair and the relevant coaching staff will be notified.

It is the responsibility of the coach to submit a coach form, which asks questions regards personal details, next of kin, qualifications, insurance, P46 (for paid coaches), along with signing the AU coach code of conduct and AU coach policy.

Following completing their online form, the coaching staff must come to the AU office to sign their coach agreement and/or contract, before their first training session. When they come to the AU office, they must bring original copies of their passport and DBS (if they have one).

For any coach who does not have an indate DBS, they may obtain one through the AU. Paid coaches must pay £40 and they are free to volunteer coaches.

If you have any questions regarding coach contracts, please contact