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All fixture dates are set centrally by BUCS and can be found on their website[1]. In addition, the can also be found on the AU website[2], along with details about start times, venues, allocated changing rooms for home fixtures, maps, transport leave and return times.

Please note that club captains, coaches and committee members will need log-ins provided by the AU to be able to access the ‘more information’ tab. It is imperative that you check the AU fixture website prior to your fixture/competition as it is the primary communication tool used to inform teams.

Any changes to fixtures or competitions can only be made by the Athletic Union BUCS Administrator in conjunction with institution opposition and the team captain.

Rearranged fixtures and cancellations

Irrespective of whether it’s a home or away fixture, any cancelled or postponed fixtures will follow the below process to rearrange a new fixture date as per BUCS regulations[3];

• Team Captains should contact the BUCS Administrator and offer at least two dates to replay the fixture.

• The institutions concerned will then negotiate a mutually convenient date and the Administrators will communicate the new date to the team captains accordingly.

• In the event that a mutually convenient date can not be reached before the league/cup deadline, the fixture will be void.


Loughborough operates a no walkover policy. Upon being entered into BUCS by the AU, teams and individuals are expected to fulfil all BUCS commitments, irrespective of any potential problems that maybe encountered during the year such as playing outside of term time or during exam period, as examples.