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Prior to the parnership between Loughborough Sport and Kukri Sports all AU Clubs competed in different styled, coloured and branded kit. In 2012, Kukri delivered Loughborough’s first unified kit resulting in all teams playing in the same colours and designs, with a striking and coherent look for sporting apparel across campus. The partnership will continue until 2018.

Kukri was chosen by Loughborough Sport due to their track record delivering large multi-sport apparel contracts, and their overall impressive commitment to working with Loughborough as a major partner.

Kukri provide sport specific playing kit as well as a range of leisurewear and training wear items. The items available will vary in each club and can be purchased by club members via your club website. Some clubs own playing kit for their members to play in and others preorder kit over the summer for their fresher to purchase. As a part of the partnership kit Guidelines have been produced to help clubs understand how the partnership affects them and make decsions regarding kit items. If your club has specific requirements, or you have any questions, please feel free to contact Account Manager, Steven Rooney – steven.rooney@kukrisports.com