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All club memberships should be bought online through the Student Union website, which can be found via the shop tab on your clubs website. Club Committee members can see a list of who has bought memberships in a sales report.

The breakdown of membership costs can be seen in this video. Club membership prices are set by the club budget which is submitted by the oncoming and off-coming Chairs & Treasurers each year and approved by the AU Finance Committee. BUCS fees are applied to all members of any club that competes in BUCS and added to the club membership price, so when you come to purchase your membership they appear as one. To join any AU Club an individual must first be an AU member and so is required to pay the AU membership fee.

Membership refunds

The deadline for refunds is the 31st of October and to claim a refund the student must email the AU Finance Administrator. After the 31st of October, the Sport Executive Officer can grant refunds in exceptional circumstances. For this to happen it must be agreed by the club chair with a reasonable explanation.

Alumni & Associate Memberships

At the discretion of the Club, members of staff at the University, Students' Union and College and alumni may join the Club. The may also have a maximum of FIVE associate members per academic year. These non - student individuals would be expected to be high-class performers, who could contribute to the club in the following ways:

(a) As a short term measure for the Club to enter a new league/competition which, with the current level of student players could not be sustained.

(b) As part of a Regional or National Academy

(c) To enhance the Club’s activities

As these individuals do not have login details for the Students' Union website. Once a club has decided they are happy for an individual to join. The individual must first become a member of the Union by emailing