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Sponsorship has many benefits to the club, a few of these being gaining monetary funds or supplementary gifts (ie. Equipment or products), opportunities to develop networking links, increases the club’s visibility, the money gained is paid into the private account and it develops the clubs image by association.

The procedure to attain sponsorship isn’t a short one, however must be followed in order to successfully gain sponsorship:

1. Email and inform AUFinance@lsu.co.uk that your club are looking for sponsorship.

2. Create a 1st draft of your sponsorship proposal.

3. Get feedback on your proposal and develop it until you are happy.

4. Distribute proposal to companies, first checking the companies you wish to approach are cleared with the AU Finance Officer.


5. Enter negotiations with the company.

6. Draft a sponsorship contract (template available).

7. Ensure it is sound with AU Finance Officer.

8. Bring to Sport EO for final signature.

9. Distribute 2 to company, one for them and one to be returned for your reference.

Examples of the types of things you CAN offer:

• Banners at home matches

• Playing shirt sponsor (front, back or sleeve)

• Social media posts (ie. Facebook, Twitter, etc.)

• Tickets to club social events (ie. End of season meal)

• Workshop with club members

• Invites to watch big matches/events

Two of the main things to consider when you are thinking about what your club can offer are what is feasible and what the added costs are? If you are contracted to an agreement that you simply cannot uphold (even on the smallest of details), the company has the right to withhold payments from you. Activation costs are the costs that entail when starting an agreement, for example the cost of printing on playing shirts or getting a banner made (you can include these, VAT and delivery costs for gifts onto the value of the sponsorship).