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It is a requirement from both the AU and BUCS that team sheets are completed and submitted for every fixture you compete in. Firstly, they are required in case we are asked to make eligibility checks on any player(s). Secondly, for away fixtures they also act as a passenger list for whichever form of transport you are using.

1. All teams should use the form titled Appendix 8 – BUCS Generic Team Sheet [1]

2. Teams should list full and registered names of players with their student numbers.

3. A clearly scanned copy or photo of the team sheet should be e-mailed to the AU Senior Administrator (, no later than the day before your fixture, and scorecards and completed team sheets should be e-mailed no later than the day after your fixture.

4. Teams should print a copy of their team sheets off each fixture to exchange and sign with their opposition’s captain, along with each player’s student ID card (to prove Loughborough eligibility).

5. Teams should ensure they complete the team sheets fully as per BUCS guidance [2]