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For any clubs wishing to go on trips and/or tours it is vital for the health and safety of club members to follow the below process. The Club Committee members, Club Coaches and/or the Trip Leads are ultimately responsible for ensuring that each step of the below process is followed and in the event that they are don’t follow the steps below, they are ultimately responsible in the unfortunate event an incident occurs;

• A trip or tour is categorised as anything which involves staying over at a destination for a continuous period of time, longer than one night in duration.

• Inform the relevant AU member of staff via e-mail that you and your members plan to travel as ‘Loughborough Students’ rather than just a group of friends from a sports team. For all trips please complete a Trips and Events booking form [1] and submit a risk assessment if the trip is not covered in your generic risk assessment.

• The Trip Lead must provide all travelling club members with a contact number that must be accessible at all times during the trip/tour and this number must be detailed on your trip form.

• Travelling club members must carry their insurance documents with them at all times whilst on their trip.

• The Trip Lead or Club Chair (if present) must report any indiscipline that occurs on the trip/tour to the relevant member of AU staff. In the event that a major indiscipline has occurred the AU staff may refer this to the Sport Executive Officer, who they may ask for help from the Sports Development Centre, University and/or from the Financial and Commercial Services Executive Officer in dealing with the matter.

• Remember that if you are representing Loughborough Athletic Union whilst you are away and that therefore your behaviour should not tarnish the reputation of the University, College, Students’ Union or Athletic Union.

• The Trip Lead or Club Chair (if present) must report any accident that occurs on the trip/tour to Stacey Small, as per the accident report procedures. In the event that a major accident has occurred,Stacey Small may refer this to the Students’ Union Health and Safety Officer and insurers, who may have to deal with the matter.