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BUCS Home Page : This page provides you with the latest news from BUCS, the BUCS Points table and allows you to search all universities, league and cup competitions involved within the BUCS offer. In addition, it’s the gateway to the following pages and more.

BUCS General Information Page : Visit this page for information about league, championship and play off fixture dates and deadlines, rules and regulations, BUCS Points Individual and League and Knockout breakdowns, league withdrawal, disciplinary and sport criteria information.

BUCS Affiliation Page : Here is where you complete your affiliation, player ranking and/or registration to BUCS. In addition, you can find out when your deadlines for submission are to avoid getting sanctioned by BUCS in the way of being fined or deducted points for non-completion.

BUCS Rules and Regulations (General and Specific) : Your absolute guide to BUCS governance! This page provides you with general regulations, your sport specific regulations and PDF’s all of the BUCS documents you may need throughout the season, including; Team Sheets, Playing Under Protest forms and sport specific Match Official requirements.

BUCScore  : This is the system you need to use to enter any athletes into Individual Championships, without it you can’t. To obtain a user account, you need to request it to the AU's Admin, Natalie Walker ( and she will confirm when your account is registered and ready to go.

BUCS Events  : Follow this link to discover what’s going on during the BUCS calendar year, such as when BUCS Big Wednesday is, when and where the National Championships are and much, much more, including Student Development Events to progress your off the field skills and experience.

BUCS Support & Guidance  : For any tips on how you can develop yourselves, your club and or your club members visit this page. It covers everything from being inclusive, development opportunities and funding and bursary opportunities available through BUCS.