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BUCS League Teams Walkover Policy

Loughborough Athletic Union holds an expectation that none of its teams competing in BUCS will give any voluntary walkovers during the season. All AU BUCS teams should demonstrate continuous commitment to fulfil all of their fixtures, irrespective of whether or not the fixtures fall within exam period, outside of term or any other difficult circumstances. In turn Loughborough AU staff, the Sports Development Centre and university funding for BUCS competitions will equal this level of commitment.

Given the level of expectation clearly identified above along with the BUCS sanctions teams can face (loss of half of BUCS points earned, loss of opportunity to compete in league playoffs and fines). See below for specific details;

BUCS Walkover Fines:

• Premier League – 3 or more walkovers = £250 fine & £50 per subsequent concession • Tier 1 & Trophy – 3 or more walkovers = £100 fine & £50 per subsequent concession • Tier 2 & Conference Cup - 3 or more walkovers = £50 fine & £50 per subsequent concession. • Trophy Specific – 1 walkover = £750 fine for semi-finals and finals, £300 fine for all other rounds

Loss of BUCS Points:

Walkovers in any league will result in loss of half of overall BUCS points earned Loss of Playoff opportunity Walkovers in the Premier Leagues result in automatic relegation, in the event the team finishes bottom of the league. The opportunity to compete in the playoffs is lost.

In the event of conceding walkovers within BUCS competitions, the below AU sanctions will apply to teams in addition to the BUCS sanctions;

Conceding one walkover within a season

Pay any BUCS fines incurred (e.g. Trophy competitions), any costs that the fixture would have incurred (e.g. the cost of the transport, match officials and or facilities) and 50% of the team’s BUCS entry fee

Conceding two walkovers within a season

Pay all of the costs detailed within the one walkover section, plus repay the cost of their yearly BUCS entry fee and the AU will review whether to withdraw the team from the league

Conceding more than two walkovers within a season

Pay all of the costs detailed above, 50% of the full academic year’s investment into BUCS for the team and immediate withdrawal from their BUCS league. In addition, the team won’t be entered into BUCS the following academic year

The Sport Executive Officer will consider these sanctions on an individual case basis, and only in extenuating circumstances can a team avoid being sanctioned. An example of this could include an administrative error, which is outside of the team’s control. Fixtures scheduled outside of term time will not be considered as extenuating circumstances. BUCS set fixture dates based on the majority of universities term dates and they are published at the beginning of the season, therefore Loughborough AU has no control over when cup matches or playoffs must be played by. Loughborough AU BUCS teams must be aware of this and plan other commitments around BUCS accordingly to ensure they have players.