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Luke Thomson - AU President

The role of Athletic Union President is the filled by the Sport Executive Officer, who is the sabbatical officer voted in annually during the Students' Union Executive Elections. They are responsible for the strategic running of the AU. They are also responsible for the AU finances, the AU Executive and have accountability for all 56 clubs currently in its membership.

Telephone: 01509 635052

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Georgia Fraser - Secretary

The AU Executive Secretary is responsible for taking the minutes of all AU General Meetings and AU Exec meetings. They assist the AU President with the running of the Athletic Union from an administrative perspective, and are involved with the organisation of many events and tasks that occur in the Athletic Union throughout the year, such as the Naked Calendar, Club Photos, Club Constitution updates and AU Colours and AU Ball Awards Nominations.

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Luke Mills - Finance Officer

The AU Executive Finance Officer supports the AU President, AU Executive and AU clubs, with financial matters within the AU. They deal with sponsorship opportunities for the AU and AU clubs, help with the running of the Alumni Fund, aid AU clubs to create and maintain their club budgets and work closely with the AU Finance Administrator. Other roles include helping to fund-raise and to enterprise new ways to increase funds and cut expenditures.

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Jack Needham - Events Officer

The AU Executive Events Officer is responsible for the organisation of many of the year’s social calendar events. This includes the annual favourites of AU Takeover Hey Ewe, AU Ball, AU Colours, and more recently this also includes the AU Alumni Weekend. Developments this year mean they will be working closely with the Finance Officer to attract sponsors to the above mentioned events.

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Jonny Flowers - Media & Communications Officer

The AU Executive Media and Communications Officer is responsible for all marketing output and communications material of the Athletic Union. This includes the role of Editor in Chief of WoW Magazine and the main point of communication between the Athletic Union and LSU Media.

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Richard Thompson - Club Development Officer

The AU Club Development Officer is responsible for assisting in the delivery and planing of Club Committee training and alongside the Club Development Subcommittee assist clubs with the formation and delivery of club development plans.

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Vivien Bodnar - Spectatorship Officer

The AU Executive Spectatorship Officer is responsible for the organisation of Big Matches and weekly Showcase Fixture events. They also deal with helping clubs promote their other sporting fixtures happening on campus via social media.

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Holly O'Shea - Welfare Officer

The AU Executive Welfare Officer supports AU Welfare Reps and provides a link between the Sport E.O. and Welfare E.O. They also help members with any issues they face within clubs and try to promote positive well-being within the AU, this can be through training, campaigns and personal athlete support.