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The alumni fund is a program that was started in 2015 to try and imitate the success that American Universities and Colleges get from keeping maintaining their links with graduates/alumni. This fund has great prospects and can be a serious game changer in the years to come in the capacity that AU clubs can operate – if 20 more people sign up each year to donate £1 a month, in 10 years’ time, the club will be receiving £2400 / year and after 30 years, club will be receiving totals of £111,600 / year!

Currently, there are a select number of clubs that are on the Alumni Fund scheme who are trialing the scheme as it is still in the early stages. However, if it is proven to be successful the Alumni Fund will be rolled out across the whole AU.

In association with the alumni fund, there is an Alumni Weekend, which enjoy inviting back past students to meet with their former team mates and meet the current team, with numerous events happening around campus to.