BUCS Team and Individual entries

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For league team entries the AU's BUCS Administrator will enter the same amount of league teams as the previous academic year, unless otherwise stated by the club.

For any clubs wishing to enter additional teams within the league, they must complete and submit an Additional League Team entry application to nataliewalker@lsu.co.uk by the deadline given.

For individual entries, the club can upload their entries to the BUCScore system [1], once they have e-mailed nataliewalker@lsu.co.uk for a BUCScore user account.

Clubs enter individual BUCS championships by uploading their athletes information to the BUCScore system and then e-mailing nataliewalker@lsu.co.uk to confirm that the entries can be submitted. **Please note that clubs only have access rights to BUCScore to upload the entries, only Natalie Walker can submit the entries