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The Coach and Volunteer Academy (CVA) offer support, recognition and opportunities to develop to individuals volunteering in Sport at Loughborough. In terms of the Athletic Union, the CVA offers:

Reward and Recognition- for committee members and coaches, who volunteer in clubs, a place to gain through logging hours on the CVA Portal

Coaching and Officiating Qualifications- in return for time back volunteering in an AU club, your student members and coaches can gain qualifications for a reduced rate, potentially for free.

Recruitment- if you need coaches or volunteers within your club, you can advertise for them on the CVA Portal. In order to do this please contact

Access to further opportunities- once you have signed up to the CVA Portal you have access to a wide range of courses, CPDs, qualifications and opportunities. These may help you gain experience and develop skills that can help you in your future employment after Loughborough.