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Intramural sport (IMS) is a free programme of sport open to every Loughborough University and College student, where all University halls compete in a mixture of one day events and weekly leagues making up over 70 weekly fixtures. Every hall is competing to win points with the aim of being crowned IMS champion at the awards evening at the end of the year. With over 40 different sports making up the programme students can compete in their favourite sport like netball or football or try something completely new, like ultimate frisbee, canoe or handball. This means the IMS programme is a great opportunity for your club to find new talent and/or develop existing members’ coaching or officiating skills. The current sports on offer are:


• Football A League (Men’s)

• Football B League (Men’s)

• Basketball (Men’s)

• Basketball (Women’s)

• Futsal (Men’s)

• Hockey (Men’s)

• Hockey (Women’s)

• Rugby 13’s (Men’s)

• Softball (Mixed)

• Squash (Men’s)

• Squash (Women’s)

• 5-a-side Football (Women’s)

• Netball (Women’s)

• Rounders (Women’s)

• Badminton (Mixed)

• Tennis (Mixed)

• Volleyball (Mixed)

• Lacrosse (Mixed)

One Day Events:

• Athletics (mixed)

• Cricket (Men’s)

• Rugby 7’s (Men’s & Women’s)

• Table Tennis (Men’s & Women’s)

• Water Polo (Men’s & Women’s)

• Aquathlon (Men’s & Women’s)

• Basketball 3v3 (Men’s & Women’s)

• Beach Volleyball (Mixed)

• Canoeing (Mixed)

• Handball (Mixed)

• Dodgeball (Mixed)

• Swimming (Men’s & Women’s)

• Tug of War (Mixed)

• Ultimate Frisbee (Mixed)

• Wheelchair Basketball (Mixed)

• Indoor Rowing (Men’s & Women’s)

• Touch Rugby (Women’s)

IMS Allstars

Towards the end of the academic year, each of the 16 halls pick their best players to represent the IMS Allstars team in a one-off match against the Athletic Union teams in various sports. Every year the contest is very closely fought, showcasing just how strong the IMS players are. Your coaching staff should be involved in this process in order to ensure you have the best players competing in your club.

IMS Exec

IMS Staff