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My Lifestyle is a recreational sport programme specifically designed for students who want to exercise, keep fit and play sport for fun in an environment free from competition, expectation and commitment. It offers a huge range of opportunities to help students get physically active, stay healthy and play sport.

The My Lifestyle programme consists of:

My Activities- a free weekly timetable of recreational sport activities that runs all year.

My Learn - a programme that offers those who wish to learn a new sport the opportunity to do so, over the course of a few weeks, with a specialised instructor.

My Events - a series of recreational sport events that the My Lifestyle brand runs throughout the year. These include fun Freshers events and our Fest series which involve one day festival-style events.

As an AU club, there may be an opportunity to advertise your sport and club through My Lifestyle, find new talent and/or develop existing members’ coaching or officiating skills.

My Lifestyle Committee

My Lifestyle Staff