Playing Under Protest

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If a team feels, upon arrival or during a fixture, the conditions do not adhere to those outlined in the BUCS regulations or fixture confirmation they should immediately complete a ‘Playing Under Protest’ form [1]

You can only request to complete a playing under protest form if you must suspect that your opposition has breached BUCS regulation, which you must be able to identify on the form.

Examples when teams have grounds to complete a playing under protest form could include:

• If you suspect your opposition is playing 1st team players in their 3rd team (breach of BUCS regulation 6[2]).

• If your opposition haven’t booked match officials to the requirements of BUCS standards (breach of BUCS regulation 11[3]).

• If your opposition hasn’t booked their facility for the minimum required time for the game to be completed as per BUCS recommendations (breach of BUCS regulation 8[4]).

The grievance(s) should be clearly stated on the form and must be signed by the captain of the aggrieved team. The opposing captain must then countersign this form (he/she cannot refuse to do so); failure to do so may result in a misconduct charge. He/she then has the opportunity to state his/her opinion regarding this grievance on the Playing Under Protest form.

The completion of a Playing Under Protest form allows an institution the right to appeal [5] at the conclusion of the fixture if they feel that the grievances noted had an effect on the final result. It does not guarantee the outcome of any subsequent appeal.

If a team fails to complete a Playing Under Protest form as above it is deemed to have accepted the conditions under which it has been played unless new information comes to light after the fixture has been completed.

If a team travels to a fixture with prior knowledge of a breach of regulations, they are deemed to have accepted these conditions of play and can therefore not play under protest for that reason.