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Should an individual be in need of finance for student representation outside of the club, you can apply for a supplementary award. The supplementary award application will be discussed by the AU Finance Committee, and if the claim is reasonable and funds are available, an award may be made however there is usually very little additional funding available. Applications should be made using a Individual Supplementary Application Form with a comprehensive explanation and break down of the money requested, and given to the Athletic Union Finance Administrator. Below is the criteria for the award as seen in the AU Finance Policy.

Individual Supplementary Award

Can only be applied for student based events at national/international level, namely:

(a) BUCS representation at Great Britain level in World University (FISU) championships -these championships take place every two years*

(b) Student Rugby League representation at Great Britain level

(c) Women's Rugby Union Students at Great Britain level

(d) American Football - Great Britain Bulldogs

(d) Individual member on specialized course, which will benefit the club

Personal contributions must be pre paid in full by the athlete direct to the event organizer. The Athletic Union shall then endeavour to pay a portion of the personal contribution made by the athlete up to a maximum of £100 upon receipt of supplementary claim form with relevant documentation attached.

(Please note that no need to apply for a supplementary award for domestic BUCS representation at national and regional level, Athletic Union policy to pay 60% if agreed prior to event between individual and AU President or Sports Administrator)

No money will be awarded for non student events, despite the individual being selected to national team (the sports governing body should be covering costs, seeking sponsorship) i.e. Olympic Games, Commonwealth Games, European Championships of any sport etc, etc.

No money will be awarded for annual EUSA (European University Sports Association)championships – these are invitational events to the top finishing four teams/individuals in various BUCS championships for participation only.